Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Change in Congregations (Second Half of March 2013)

  • Kabul Afghanistan Military District: Salerno Military Branch discontinued
  • Adriatic North Mission: Banja Luka Branch created
  • Battambang Cambodia District: Dop Bey Makara Branch created
  • Shanghai China International (English) District: Hongqiao (English) Branch created 
  • Bogota Colombia El Dorado Stake: Madrid Branch discontinued
  • Medellin Colombia Stake: Manrique and Sucre Wards discontinued; Copacabana Branch discontinued
  • Kananga Democratic Republic of the Congo: Kamayi Ward created; Katoka 3rd Ward created from Katoka 3rd Branch
  • La Romana Dominican Republic Stake: Villa Verde Ward created from Villa Verde Branch
  • Sheffield England Stake: Sheffield 4th (Slovak) Branch created
  • Taveuni Fiji District: Vuna Branch created
  • Fesitranh Honduras Stake: Victoria Ward created from Victoria Branch
  • Milan Italy West Stake: Como 2nd Ward created
  • Aba Nigeria Agbor Hill Stake: Umunkama Ward and Umuogelle Branch created
  • Moquegua Peru Stake: San Antonio Ward created from San Antonio Branch
  • Naic Philippines District: Indang Branch created
  • Pesega Samoa Stake: Alamagoto Ward created
Change in wards: +6

Change in branches: +0

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