Monday, May 20, 2013

Change in Congregations (First Half of May)

  • Medicine Hat Alberta Stake: Medicine Hat 4th Ward created
  • Bolivia La Paz Mission: Reyes Branch created
  • Arapiraca Brazil Stake: Primavera Ward created
  • Manaus Brazil Ponta Negra Stake: Campos Sales Branch created
  • Praia Cape Verde Stake: Achada Grande and EugĂ©nio Lima Branches created
  • Santiago Chile La Cisterna Stake: La Ovalle Ward discontinued
  • Kinshasa DR Congo Binza Stake: Djelo Binza Ward created
  • Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Villa Mella Stake: La Javilla Branch discontinued
  • Papeari French Polynesia Stake: Vaiari Ward created
  • Kaiserslautern Germany Military Stake: Ramstein Military 2nd Ward created
  • Florence Italy District: Montevarchi Branch created
  • Enugu Nigeria District: Obollo-Afor Branch created
  • Port Harcourt Nigeria Stake: Abo-Ama and Alase-Ama Branches created
  • Iquitos Peru Punchana Stake: Versalles Branch discontinued
  • Melo Uruguay Stake: Leone Branch discontinued
Change in wards: +4

Change in branches: +5


  1. So is it likely that Florence will become a stake soon. It looks to have enough units, although which if any of them could become wards is another issue.

  2. When Montevarchi Branch actually meets in Montevarchi, it will be a much shorter distance for the members in Arezzo (where I served from September to December 1992 and had a branch then). I don't know what branches are doing well, I haven't kept up.

    I worry about Rimini district though - it seems orphaned. It's five branches wedged between Bologna Ward in Venice stake (Milan mission) to the northwest, and an oversized Pescara Ward in Rome stake (and mission) to the southeast. Yes, Florence district is across the mountains but there's no direct rail or autostrada connection. (It was part of Florence district until 1994.) If Florence does become a stake by itself, that would leave Rimini as the last district in Milan mission. (I was in Rimini for winter 1993, and Ancona for winter 1994.)

    Meanwhile in the Marche region, the Pescara and Ancona branches are in Rimini district, while the rest is in Pescara Ward, even though Macerata and Fermo are closer to Ancona. (Ascoli Piceno, the other provincial capital in Marche, is a long way from either place.) It looks like Ancona Branch's current president is coming up from Fermo province. (When I was in Ancona my companion was branch president.)

  3. I mean Pesaro and Ancona branches in Marche are in Rimini district. One thought might be to organize a Bologna stake that includes Florence and Rimini districts. That still doesn't answer the question of what to do with Macerata, Fermo, and Ascoli Piceno provinces.