Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Change in Congregations

  • Mar del Plata Argentina North Stake: Balcare 2nd Ward discontinued
  • Roque Sáenz Peña Argentina District: Campo Branch discontinued
  • Tucuman Argentina West Stake: Prospero Mena Branch discontinued
  • Aracaju Brazil North Stake: Socorro 3rd Ward created
  • Brazil Belem Mission: Parauapebas Branch created
  • Divinópolis Brazil District:  Divinópolis 1st and Divinópolis 2nd Wards downgraded to branches
  • Joinville Brazil Stake: Joinville 2nd Ward created
  • Santarem Brazil Stake: Vitoria Ward created
  • Teresina Brazil Stake: Caxias Branch created
  • Mindelo Cape Verde Stake: Mindelo 1st, Mindelo 2nd, Mindelo 3rd, Mindelo 4th, Mindelo 5th, and Porto Novo Wards created from  Mindelo 1st, Mindelo 2nd, Mindelo 3rd, Mindelo 4th, Mindelo 5th, and Porto Novo Branches
  • Barranquilla Colombia Hipodromo Stake: Santo Tomas Branch created
  • Port-Bouet Cote d'Ivoire Stake: Vridi 2nd Ward created
  • Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Binza Stake: Camp Luka Ward created from Camp Luka Branch
  • Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Mont Ngafula Stake: Badiadingi Ward created from Badiadingi Branch
  • Otavalo Ecuador Stake: San Pablo Ward created
  • Suva Fiji North Stake: Tacirua Ward created
  • Rome Italy East Stake: Roma 6th Ward created
  • Auckland New Zealand Papakura Stake: Papakura 2nd (Samoan) Branch created
  • Benin City Nigeria New Benin Stake: Igun 2nd and Ogbeson Wards created
  • Lagos Nigeria West Stake: Abule Egba Ward and Sango Branch created
  • Goa Philippines Stake: Tigaon 2nd Ward created
  • St. Denis Reunion District: St. Paul Branch discontinued
  • Merthyr Tydfil Wales Stake: Heads of the Valley Ward discontinued

Change in wards: +15

Change in branches: -4

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Change in Congregations

  • Edmonton Alberta Stake: Rutherford Ward created
  • Concordia Argentina District: Rural Branch discontinued
  • Brazil Manaus Mission: Coari Branch created 
  • Campina Grande Brazil Stake: Monte Santo Ward created
  • Pouso Alegre Brazil District: Sao Geraldo Branch discontinued
  • Rio de Janeiro Brazil Campo Grande Stake: Pedra de Guaratiba Branch discontinued
  • Sao Luis Brazil Stake: Itaqui Bacanga Ward created
  • Kisanga Democratic Republic of the Congo Stake: Kasumbalesa 2nd Branch created
  • Kolwezi Democratic Republic of the Congo District: Diur Branch created 
  • Quito Ecuador La Ofelia Stake: Prados Del Oeste Ward discontinued
  • Bordeaux France Stake: Brive Ward created from Brive Branch
  • Amatitlan Guatemala Stake: Alamedas Ward created
  • Tegucigalpa Honduras Uyuca Stake: Tatumbla Ward created from Tatumbla Branch
  • Hong Kong China Stake: Ngau Tau Kok Ward created
  • Antananarivo Madagascar Manakambahiry Stake: Ampitatafika Ward created from Ampitatafika Branch
  • Mozambique Maputo Mission: Luaha Branch discontinued
  • La Merced Peru Stake: Villa Rica Ward created from Villa Rica Branch
  • Makati Philippines Stake: Mandaluyong 4th Ward created, Makati 4th (English) Ward created from Makati 4th (English Branch)
  • Setubal Portugal Stake: Barreiro 2nd Branch created
  • Cape Town South Africa Stake: Klein Drakenstein Ward created from Klein Drakenstein Branch
  • Melo Uruguay Stake: Cuchilla Ward discontinued
Change in wards: +9

Change in branches: -6