Saturday, March 29, 2014

Change in Congregations (Second Half of March 2014)

  • Bariloche Argentina Stake: Lago Pueblo Branch discontinued 
  • Jujuy Argentina Stake: Moreno Ward discontinued
  • Tucuman Argentina West Stake: Lules Branch discontinued
  • Santa Cruz Bolivia Equipetrol Stake: Valle Sanchez Branch created
  • Brazil Juiz de Fora Mission: Muraie Branch created
  • Campina Grande Brazil Liberdade Stake: Presidente Medice Ward created; Queimadas Ward created from Queimadas Branch
  • Lagarto Brazil District: Tobias Barreto Branch created
  • Espargos Cape Verde District: Santa Maria Branch created 
  • Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan Mission: Meagui 2nd and Soubre Branches created
  • San Pedro Cote d'Ivoire District: LAC Branch created
  • Paris France East Stake: Soissons Branch discontinued 
  • Huehuetenango Guatemala Calvario Stake: Minerva Ward discontinued 
  • Rome Italy West Stake: Caserta Ward created from Caserta Branch
  • Busan Korea Stake: Gimhae Ward created from Gimhae Branch
  • Lambayeque Peru District: Morrope Branch created; Lambayeque Branch discontinued
  • Mantaro Peru Stake: Huanrancayo Ward downgraded to Huanrancayo Branch
  • Bambang Philippines District: Dupax del Sur Branch created 
  • Binalbagan Philippines Stake: Tapi Ward created from Tapi Branch
  • Camiling Philippines East District: Camiling 6th Branch created
  • Lisbon Portugal Stake: Vila Franca de Xira Branch created
  • Kossoh Town Sierra Leone District: Allen Town Branch created
  • Bedfordview South Africa Stake: Alberton Ward created from Alberton Branch
  • Cadiz Spain Stake: Puerto De Santa Maria Ward created from Puerto De Santa Maria Branch
  • Granada Spain Stake: Jaen Ward created from Jaen Branch
  • Hua Lien Taiwan District: Taitung 3rd Branch created
Change in wards: +5

Change in branches: +3

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  1. This came a little earlier than expected since there is one my Sunday this month, but still appreciate it anyway