Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Change in Congregations (First Half of April 2014)

  • Buenos Aires Argentina Caseros Stake: Bilinghurst Branch discontinued 
  • Santa Fe Argentina North Stake: General Lopez Ward discontinued
  • Tucuman Argentina West Stake: Viamonte Ward discontinued
  • Santa Cruz Bolivia El Bajio Stake: Carmen Ward created from Carmen Branch
  • Fortaleza Brazil South Stake: Jose Walter 4th Ward created
  • Rio Claro Brazil Stake: Rio Claro 3rd Ward discontinued
  • Sorocaba Brazil Santana Stake: Formosa Ward created
  • Gagnoa Cote d'Ivoire District: Zapata Branch created
  • Accra Ghana Tesano Stake: Amasaman Ward and Adoagyiri Branch created
  • Ghana Kumasi Mission: Education Ridge, Krobo, Vatican City, and Vitin Branches created
  • Takoradi Ghana Stake: Mpintsin 2nd Ward created
  • Mexico Cuernavaca Mission: Marquelia Branch created 
  • Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico Grijalva Stake: Chiapa de Corzo Ward created from Chiapa de Corzo Branch
  • Panasang Pohnpei Stake: Eirike, Palikir, Panasang, Sapwalap, and Sekere Wards created from the Kolonia, Nett, Palikir, Sapwalap, and Sekere Branches
  • Benin City Nigeria Ihogbe Stake: Ugboikhoko Ward created
  • Lagos Nigeria Stake: Ibafo Branch created
  • Lagos Nigeria South Stake: Badagry and Mosafejor Branches created
  • Port Harcourt Nigeria East Stake: Eneka Ward created from Eneka Branch
  • Davao Philippines Stake: Mintal 2nd Ward created
  • Pamplona Philippines District: Ragay Branch created
  • Porto Portugal Stake: Chaves Branch created
  • Montevideo Uruguay East Stake: Buceo Ward discontinued
Change in wards: +10

Change in branches: +3


  1. Philippines is on a roll so far this year. +11 units from 6 new wards, 5 branch to ward upgrades and 5 new branches. If this keeps up they will create the most units since 2001.

  2. I've only been tracking since 2010 and this year is at the fastest pace since I started keeping daily records (and last year was that fastest up to that point).

  3. On the US side too. For all of 2013 there were 125 wards added, but for mid April the Church has added 64 wards.