Thursday, February 19, 2015

Recent Congregational Activity (First Half of February 2015)

  • Alphaville Brazil Stake: Carapicuiba Branch created
  • Sao Sebastiao Brazil District: Travessao Branch created
  • Assomada Cape Verde District: Assomada 1st, Assomada 2nd, and Tarrafal Wards downgraded to the Assomada 1st, Assomada 2nd, and Tarrafal Branches
  • Puerto Montt Chile Stake: Alerce Ward created from the Alerce Branch
  • Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan West Mission: Bouake Branch created
  • Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Kimbanseke Stake: Mpasa 3rd Ward created
  • Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Mont Ngafula Stake: Kindele Ward created 
  • Cape Coast Ghana Stake: Yamoransa 2nd Ward created
  • Sunyani Ghana District: Abesim Branch created
  • Winneba Ghana Stake: Swedru 3rd Ward created
  • Guadalajara Mexico Lomas Stake: Molinos Ward created
  • Mexico Tampico Mission: Abasolo Branch discontinued
  • Toluca Mexico Stake: Ixtlahuaca Ward created from the Ixtlahuaca Branch
  • Xalapa Mexico Stake: Araucarias and Natura Wards created
  • Aba Nigeria Ogbor Hill Stake: Akrika Branch created
  • Lagos Nigeria South Stake: Badore and Lakowe Branches created
  • Upolu Samoa Tafuaupolu Stake: Tanumalala Branch created
  • Bo Sierra Leone East District: New England Branch created
  • Kitwe Zambia District: Masala Branch created
Change in wards: +6

Change in branches: +10

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