Friday, October 2, 2015

Recent Congregational Activity (Second Half of September 2015)

  • Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission: General Villegas Branch discontinued
  • Punilla Argentina District: La Falda Ward downgraded to branch
  • Sydney Australia Fairfield Stake: Prairiewood 3rd Ward (Samoan) created
  • Aracaju Brazil South Stake: Sao Cristovao Branch created 
  • Chapeco Brazil Stake: Irani Branch created
  • Curitiba Brazil Jardim do Sul Stake: Pioneiros Ward created
  • Goiana Brazil North Stake: Trindade Branch created 
  • Maracanau Brazil Stake: Novo Maracanau Ward created
  • Passo Fundo Brazil Stake: Vera Cruz Ward created
  • Sao Filipe Cape Verde Stake: Patim and Ponta Verde Branches created 
  • Abobo Cote d'Ivoire West Stake: Unicafe Ward created
  • Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan West Mission: Soubre 2nd Branch created
  • Hannover Germany Stake: Hannover 2nd Branch (English) created
  • Jakarta Indonesia Stake: Bogor 2nd Ward created
  • Tula Mexico Stake: Huichapan Branch created
  • Okpuala Ngwa Nigeria Stake: Amapu, Nbawsi, Okpuala Ngwa, Ovungwu, Umuapu, and Umuchima Wards created from the Amapu, Nbawsi, Okpuala Ngwa, Ovungwu, Umuapu, and Umuchima Branches
  • Mandaue Philippines Stake: Cordova Branch created
  • Tolosa Philippines District: Anibong Julita Branch created
  • Tao Yuan Taiwan Stake: Kuishan and Taoyuan 4th Wards created
Change in wards: +13

Change in branches: +4

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