Monday, January 18, 2016

Recent Congregational Activity (First Half of January 2016)

  • Cordoba Argentina Sierras Stake: Unquillo Ward created from the Unquillo Branch; Saldan Branch created  
  • Araraquara Brazil Stake: Esplanada Branch created; Araraquara 5th Ward downgraded to branch
  • Curitiba Brazil Novo Mundo Stake: Itatiaia Ward created
  • Sao Paulo Brazil Embu Stake: Parque Paraiso Ward discontinued
  • Kitchener Ontario Stake: Cambridge 2nd Ward discontinued
  • Praia Cape Verde Stake: Bela Vista Branch created
  • La Ceiba Honduras Stake: La Masica Branch created
  • Tlaxcala Mexico Stake: Xicohtzinco Branch created
  • Hastings New Zealand Flaxmere Stake: Flaxmere 4th Branch (Tongan) created
  • Abeokuta Nigeria Stake: Rounda Ward created
  • Gapan Philippines Stake: Mangino Ward created from the Mangino Branch
  • Hsin Chu Taiwan Stake: Chupei 3rd Ward created
  • Tainan Taiwan Stake: Anting Ward created
Change in wards: +3

Change in branches: +4

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