Saturday, April 23, 2016

Recent Congregational Activity (First Half of April 2016)

  • Cordoba Argentina South Stake: Villa Parque Santa Ana Branch created
  • Eight Mile Plains Australia Stake: Waterford West Branch (Samoan) created
  • Melbourne Australia Wyndham Stake: Williams Landing Ward (Tongan) created
  • Townsville Australia District: Townsville 2nd Branch reinstated
  • Arapiraca Brazil Stake: Penedo Ward created from the Penedo Branch
  • Osorno Chile Stake: La Union Ward created from the La Union Branch; Radimadi Branch discontinued
  • Bucaramanga Colombia Terrazas Stake: Kennedy Branch discontinued
  • San Pedro Cote d'Ivoire District: Seweke 3rd Branch created 
  • Barahona Dominican Republic District: Barahona 3rd Branch discontinued
  • Kpong Ghana District: Kpong 2nd Branch created
  • Guatemala City Stake: Arrazola Ward created
  • La Lima Honduras Stake: Jerusalem Ward created from the Jerusalem Branch
  • Venice Italy Stake: Vicenza Ward created from the Vicenza Branch
  • Nigeria Lagos Mission: Awe Branch created 
  • Port Harcourt Nigeria West Stake: Ogbogoro Ward created
  • Ica Peru Stake: Santiago Branch discontinued
  • Fairview Philippines Stake: Bagong Silangan Ward created
  • Novosibirsk Russia District: Kemerovo Branch created
  • Bo Sierra Leone West District: Batiama and Nduvuibu Branches created
  • Luganville Vanuatu District: Jarailan Branch created
Change in wards: +8

Change in branches: +2

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