Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Recent Congregational Activity (Second Half of August 2016)

  • Apucarana Brazil Stake: Apucarana, Arapongas, and Eldorado Wards created from the Apucarana, Arapongas and Eldorado Branches
  • Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire Niangon North Stake: Mamie Adjoua Ward created
  • Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire Niangon South Stake: Gloris Ward created
  • Addis Ababa Ethiopia District: Wendo Genet Branch discontinued 
  • Ghana Kumasi Mission: Bekwai Branch created
  • Guatemala City San Cristobal Stake: Jerusalen Ward created from the Jerusalen Branch
  • Mazatenango Guatemala Stake: Samayac Ward created from the Samayac Branch
  • Comayaguela Honduras Torocagua Stake: Talanga Ward created from the Talanga Branch
  • La Ceiba Honduras Stake: Pizzaty Ward created from the Pizzaty Branch
  • Benin City Nigeria Ihogbe Stake: Egbon Estate Ward created
  • Benin City Nigeria New Benin Stake: Iwogban Ward created
  • Ikot Eyo Nigeria Stake: Ikot Esen and Ikot Udofia Wards created from the Ikot Esen and Ikot Udofia Branches
  • Ile-Ife Nigeria Stake: Adams Estate, Fajuyi, and Iremo Wards created from the Adams Estate, Fajuyi, and Iremo Branches
  • Lagos Nigeria Agege Stake: Akute Ward created from the Akute Branch 
  • Viru Peru District: Nuevo Chao Branch discontinued
  • Upolu Samoa West Stake: Satuimatufilufi Branch created 
  • Vitoria Spain Stake: Pamplona 2nd Ward created
  • Paramaribo Suriname District: Nickerie Branch discontinued
  • Taichung Taiwan West Stake: Tantzu 2nd Ward created
Change in wards: +19

Change in branches: -14

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